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Service Center Software

A. General Informations

RMA.Net program is software which is developed for Çizgi Electronics Technical Service. Program firstly developed as a Project by Maide Saral in 2001 and first version of this software written by Ümit Topuz at Visual Basic 6 development environment. This application which is continuously improved according to foundation needs have been risen to the Visual Basic.Net (VB 7.1) environment by Ali Rıza Saral and also new visual arrangements were done by Hüseyin Yiğit.

RMA.Net 1.2.0 Program Body

After the beginning from the year of 2006 RMA versions which is come from VB 6 environment were leaved than, direction of Technical Service Director Cüneyt Güzey's requests, transition to the RMA.Net 1.0 version with compositions of .Net Framework 1.1 has been provided again by Hüseyin Yiğit.

Basic function of the program is "Technical Service Management" and also accommodates many functions in its structure like CRM, Call Center ... vice versa.

B. Technical substructure of the Program

RMA.Net 1.x program was developed using VB.Net 7.1 language at the Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 environment. An additional component was not used except Standart Framework components (except for MySQL connection class). Through this, enhancement and processor based working functions of the program provided more easily. Framework 1.1 setup is enough. Application is compatible with Windows Vista.

Program is basically working over MS SQL (2000) database. However, it works with web based functions added later and also together with second MS SQL (2005) and MySQL (v4) databases. Main database and databases which includes datas belong to functions opened for web users are separated each other.

Program is compatible with LBS Commercial System (Gold, Tiger...). It gets any information from the Commercial system and generates registers belong to functions of itself (waybill, depot slips vice versa).

Program doesn't include special setup file. It can be worked directly by all users which are allowed to access through network environment, besides it can be served through a VPN connection.

If the Program duplicate an unexpected error than it will automatically instructs responsible of software enhancement by e-mail. With this feedback mechanism, defects at the working parts of program are transmitted to the technical personal with fastly and truly.

C. Functions About Service and Repair Durations and Screen Functions

C.1. Product Information Query

Product Information Query Screen

Product Information Query screen according to serial number base of a product;

- Indicates where the product purchased and which date
- Sold to whom at which date
- With bill, invoice and invoice informations belong to sell; passed time after sale thus far (guarantee situation)
- All service records of product
- If the product is changed than it represents informations belong to changed product.
All these informations are obtained spontaneously from LBS Commercial System.

C.2. New Service Record

New service record screen prepared taken to be base of product acceptance unit. This screen calls abstract informations of the product to the entering by entering serial number of product. Besides current account informations on the Logo Commercial System are in the prepared situation at first through being opened windows on this screen. In this manner, over and over again taken same informations from a customer will be prevented.

New Service Records Screen

There is a system of product complaint's being ready for the record at the right of the screen. However, at this system, if operator wants than he/she can enter user's complaint in details, and also he/she can create defect information choosing one of previously defined defect and state informations. "System is not open", "Windows is not setup", ... etc. many standard defections were defined in this section. As for the directional screens of the program, contents and arrangement of this list can be prepared through necessity.

Thanks to these two functions (previously defined user and defect informations) which are explained above, operator can make product acceptance rapidly using keyboard at minimum level.

After getting product, user and compliant informations, an operator, making clarifications of product warranty situation and shipping management completes recording process. After push "Save" button, system produce next trace number and assign it to product thus provide to print service form.

If product comes with shipping company, to prevent unnecessary waste of paper, instead of large service trace form it has only printed on label with record number and defection summary. If product given manually by a user than this time system prints defection trace form with two copy because one of them will be given to a user.

Information and directions about service rules and service durations which can be checked to be web based by a user lie on this defection trace form.

On a new service register screen, there is also possibility to enter external form trace number. In this section, service trace numbers belong to company lie on products that comes trough another seller and/or technical service be entered. In this way, if company wants than it can follow service with form numbers which is belong to it through web interface.

Çizgi Electronic Defection Trace Form

Technical service record for a product has not been opened just only this screen. However, users can do service request to be online over CRM and also product service record can be opened by engineers approve without product being reached to a service. When these products arrive to a service, service record (entering date is empty and it has a condition like "Cargo is Waiting") already prepared. Jus only actual enter date (through a button) of a service for product be entered to a system. So, realization of operator errors at minimum level be provided.

To open service register over CRM and other CRM functions will be explained at forwarding headers in details.

C.3. Service Tracking Screen

Service tracking screen is the center of the program. After the service account is created, all the processes applied are recorded by this screen into database.

In this screen there are those basic areas.

- Record data
- Product, customer and complaint data
- The process made in the service solution data
- If changed, new product's data
- Check-out data of the product

Those areas are protected in different variations according to the product's service progress. For example; if the solution data is not entered, the delivery of the product is blocked or if the name of the technician who made the process isn't specified, lab account can not be created. So, the users can not enter missing or incorrect data and the whole information is protected.

Service Registration Tracking Screen

Beside the information entered to this screen, it contains some useful buttons. Those buttons helps to do the fallowing things:

- Change button, makes the change of the product decided to change. If the product given is in stocks of the enterprise, it enters the change data into Logo Accounting System and makes the stock change also.

LBS Tiger Connection Screen


LBS Tiger Product Swapping Screen

- Information button, takes the screen to the information tracking screen described above in C.1 title and gives the detailed info about the product.

- E-mail button is active while the product is in service. It serves to send e-mail to the customer mailing address about the latest situation of the product. This e-mail serves to get the confirmation of the user about the progress that will be applied on the product.

- Warranty button, is active if the product is out of warranty.

- Report button icreates a service report in MS Word format if the customer wants. It doesn't make difference if the product is under guaranty or not.

- RMA Lab butonu serves to do two things. If there is not a RMA Lab account (L2 Repair Level) it creates an account and there's one, it takes the screen to RMA Lab Tracking Screen.

The progress can be saved and there are some useful buttons besides it's possible to store the photo of the product in service tracking screen.

Physical Damage Photos Editing Screen

It's possible to add 5 physical damage photos to each account. Those photos are stored in MS SQL database and are showed in web based service interrogations.

C.4. Service and Waybill Reportings

Service Report and Waybill Reports are two different screens whose function is reporting the service records in each criterion. The simple difference between those two screens is that they are privatized for the units which are going to use it.

Service Report screen is used mostly by Pre-Test unit. It's set to list the products that are waiting for a solution in the service as default values. Waybill Report screen's target is the product delivery unit. It lists the products that are ready for the delivery as conjectural values. As an extra feature it can print the grouped waybill of all products which are ready for the delivery.

Service Report Screen

The customer can get a report about the product model, the complaint, the latest situation, the guaranty situation, the solution type...etc. in each screen.

Waybill Preparation Screen

There are some colorings both in two report screens and in the service record listing screen, to get easier in the examination of reports:

- Out of guaranty products are listed with blue lines.
- The products in service period are listed with red lines.
- The products whose service period is completed but which are not delivered are listed with yellow lines.
- The lines with green marks represent the products whose service period is completely finished and delivered.
- The lines with yellow background represent the products that are taken in CRM.
In each screen in which service records are listed, with a double click on the service record, it's possible to reach the product's service details.

There are print and export buttons at the bottom of the each page from that we can get a report. Data can be saved in txt or xls formats as shown on the screen (in order etc.) or sent to the printer. Excel documents are formatted in the purpose of keeping the entire data.

C.5. Swapping List Report

Swapping list report serves to report the products which are ended with a swap. Those records are the base of the determination of the new product's guaranty duration. Like in the other reports, in that screen, the records can be listed by using the customer info or the models of the new and old product.

Swapping List Reporting Screen

C.6. RMA Lab Record Tracking and Report

RMA Lab record tracking is a co-system of main record system. L2 Repair Service is comprised as a different unit because of many criterions. It has a very similar screen to the one of service tracking. This screen contains the product, the customer and the complaint info, the determination of the breakdown made by the technician, and the technician info.

The RMA Lab Technician makes the definition of the breakdown (in English) that will be sent to Asus. Then, he/she remarks the solution of the problem and if there's a changing parts of the product, remarks those parts.

RMA Lab Record Tracking Screen

It contains hard user checks. For example; it's blocked to set the status of the product to "fixed" if the used parts are not selected. The software is capable of stocking the spare parts. The technician selects the parts he/she used to complete the progress faster. The total price of the progress is calculated and saved by taking the actual price of the each part used as base.

If the customer will be charged, it's possible to save that info to system also.

Choosing The Used Parts On Record Tracking Screen


RMA Lab Reporting Screen

RMA Lab records can be interrogated detailed like the service processes. This reporting screen is usually used by RMA Lab personnel.

C.7. RMA Lab Stocking Processes

The software keeps the stock of spare parts itself. It has the capabilities of a basic stock management software like new product purchase, critical stock level control, pricing, place codes and allowing or permitting usage of parts.

Besides, with an extra sock tracking screen, the material changes in specific criterions and in a specific duration can be shown.

RMA Lab Stock Tracking Screen


RMA Lab Stock Processes Screen

C.8. RMA Lab Process Analyze

RMA Lab Process Analyze has the purpose of usage of the old records to help to the solution.

RMA Lab Process Analyze Screen

The tech who's going to repair a product can demand the info about the old breakdown of the product and how it is solved.

So that, the technician can use the solutions of an older breakdown if he / she doesn't know how to solve the problem, and he / she can save time and resource.

D.CRM Functions and Function Screens

CRM project is newer than RMA.Net project. The users use CRM software with a web interface. Other functions are integrated to RMA.Net, so RMA.Net become a call center record and tracking program.

D.1 CRM User Process Center

This screen is designed in the purpose of answering the needs of a call center operator. It's blocked to pass a new screen or to open a new window and a wide area is present to store data for providing a faster and a realible phone call.

CRM User Process Center Screen

The following functions can be realized without leaving this screen:

- Fast CRM User Search
- Surfing with the navigation button between user accounts
- Creating a new CRM account
- Updating a CRM account
- Tracking user logging and records
- Listing user products, adding a new product and edit product details
- Interrogating guaranty details of a new product (in the same screen)
- Listing all of the services given to the user
- Recording the services and the support given to the user
- Inviting the product of a user to the service

Operator appreciates the demands of support and service entered to the system by the users and records the support service by using machines like a phone etc.

In the support screens, there are pre-written support messages to increase the speed, in service acceptance screens, there are pre-determined defection information like C.2 level.

D.2 CRM User Reporting

A filtration can be realized according to the information in the user profile in this screen. In the listing, all the information about the user can be seen and exported.

D.3 CRM Support and Service Process Report

The processes given to the CRM users are reported by using this screen. All of the services in CRM can contain many processes. This report serves to show the date, the operator (they are support engineers at this level) and the operation type according to the progress. This report also helps to appreciate personal operator performances or their place during a job with important criterions.

E. CRM Application Web Interfaces

Cizgi Electronics CRM application serves at web address. It's developed by using .Net Framework 2.0 and MS Ajax 1.0. CRM application is the first step of Cizgi Electronics to the Web 2.0 ambient with Ajax.

All of the data input areas in the application (textbox, textarea, etc.) are protected against the data inputs with bad purposes (script, sql inkjet, etc.) The illegal interrogation breaking attempts with short SQL phrases are always blocked by parameters and kept watched by the software developer. IP addresses that realizing attempts are watched, reported to the administrators and a legal progress is made according to their situation.

E.1. Log In Screen

CRM Web Site Log In Screen

"Remember Password" option is not added to the software for user protection. "Remember Me" option just remembers the CRM number of the user. When the user closes the internet browser, the session info is cleared.

The user can log in with his / her CRM number or the e-mail entered while signing up.

E.2 Record and Profile Updating Screen

The users can sign up in three different categories to CRM program; as an end-user, as a corporate user or as a computer seller. The classification doesn't make sense on the services they can get. Just for computer sellers, it's obliged to enter the tax department and the tax number info.

When a user signs up, he / she can directly begin to use his / ser account. It's not necessary to realize an account activation process. The consistency of user info is checked by the operator while support service is being made. The user account can be blocked if needed.

In the sign up and update screen there's a visual confirmation code application. The "spam robots" can not spoil the system thanks to that application.

CRM Web Site Personal Info Updating Screen

E.3 Recorded Products Screen

By using this screen, the users can enter their products and other configuration info of their computer. It's not obliged to make a record before demanding service or support. If a customer demands for service or support, his / her product is automatically recorded.

The user can create a guaranty card by using this screen also.

An important part of the records to CRM program is "prestige" records. That means the user makes the record of his / her product without a need of service after purchasing the product like a product registration and can add the product to his / her profile.

CRM Web Site Recorded Products and Creating A Guaranty Card Screen

E.4 Support and Service Processes

In this screen, the records of service and support that a user took before are listed. The user can filter the data without refreshing the page thanks to Ajax based system.

The page leads the user while he / she is making a new support or service demand without refreshing the page. The info needed is entered by user step by step instead of using a huge form to complete.

The user can reach to the details of the ancient service or support details; besides, he / she can update or withdraw his / her service or support demand.

A demand of service or support entered by a user is faced by the head engineer of RMA.Net. The application signals the operator visually about the demands of service and support.

The engineer appreciates the demand according to the configuration info of the user. Also he / she can see the ancient service and support details if they exist and if the demand doesn't contain the information needed, he / she can create an "Extra Info Demand". He / she can also respond the demand with a "Support Message" or can invite a product to the service.

The changes in the demands of service and support are immediately announced to the user by an e-mail.

When a product is invited to the service, a service record number for that product is created and the status of the record is changed to "Waiting Shipping". So, the complete info of the complaint is captured. The service demand is kept present until the product completes the service duration. When a product is shipped, the service record is closed.

CRM Web Site Support and Service Process Detailed View


CRM Web Site User Welcome Screen

F. Administration Functions and Operating Screens

This screens indicate a biggest part of RMA.Net Program. This part is only open authorized staff by two levels, and obtains communicating and editing authority for all of databases information. This screens are preparing for Technical Service Manager usage.

F.1. Warehouse Equipment Inventories

Administration Part Warehouse Equipment Inventories Screen

From this screen TSM (on Logo Business Solution database), which product in which warehouse and how many informations to be seen. User wants to show all of the records and filters base of model at the same time.

This program is more faster than Logo Business Solution that reports all of the warehouse state. Especially, this reportings are using end of the year transfers and agreement processes.

F.2. Warehouse Serial Lot Number Output

Base intention of form this reporting is especially, to obtain more faster agreement operation at term or end of the year transfer processes. This is an alternative way from Logo Business Solution and this is faster than it. This program list and report products in warehouse with model, serial number and purchase information.

Administration Part Warehouse Serial Lot Reporting Screen

In Warehouse serial lot report, percentage parameters are given for 6 months with 1, 2 and 3 years at the moment. The program evalutes the time that have been passed and products today's value when the reports have been preparing process, if they want according to this parameters.

F.3. Administration Service and RMA Lab Report

That title gives same result of reports that explained of C.4 title. Difference from it, query criterions are more than it. As a point of administration, it allows to do crosswise queries that qualified specific. If TSM wants to add the product price and whom to sold infos into the results.

Also RMA LAB Report as specified like in service made reports with the administration priviledge. In addition, that function provides doing queries and making reports according to material costs.

Administration Part Service Report Screen


Administration Part of RMA Lab Report Screen

F.4. RMA Lab Asus Report

RMA LAB processes that explained in C.4 title contains informations about products maintenance&repair processes in L2 level and used spare parts to repair the products. Technical reports that have requested from ASUS can be prepared according to these informations on time. That report, specified in time period mentioned before, also indicates how many pieces of BGA, SMD, Soket chips and low or high scale components and vice versa that had used according to product distrubution.

Administration Part RMA Lab Asus Report Screen

F.5. Collective Intake Information Interrogate

That program interface records the serials which have been located in .txt file, it interrogates either this serials belong to company or not on LBS Commercial System, if product belong to a company, it will show product model, sold&buy from whom information.

Either RMA Lab Asus Report or collective buying information query informations make easier connection between TSM & Asus about product qualification. This possibility provides improved negotiations in less time.

F.6. Customer Analysis Report

This report shows istatistical report information that given service facilities to distrubutor, vendors and reseller, For a specified time slice, TSM easily obtains in seconds the information about that given services how many times for a product and service results related products.

Customer Analysis Report Screen


F.7. Technical Service Analysis Report

Administration Part Technical Service Analysis Report Screen

This reports indicate technical service condition as a cumulative numbers. For a specified time slice, it lists how many product have been come to service according to product model name. After then, it reports that how many products are repaired , how many products are swapped, how many products are taken back informations.

F.8. Administration Record Arrangement

Aim for correcting the errors that occurs in RMA service & lab record datas to be repair, this screen is only shown autohorized for TSM. Besides basic recording screens that is not checked, there is a collective screen that provides syncronization with LBS commercial system.

F.9. Performance Graphics

Performance graphics are the most important to administration facilities. It is possible to watch technical service performance with 8 different determinative graphically report.All of the reports are showing with different colors (in concerned action, day by day, base of product group).

- RMA Request Products Graphics: Which day how many products requested in service...
- Non Trouble Found Products Graphics: Requesting products which are non trouble found ones ...
- Repaired Products Graphics: Graphics for, in L2 level which day how many products were repaired...
- Delivered Products Graphics: Which day how many product exit from service...
- Average Service Period Graphics: How many days are products in service for average time...
- In Spoilts Warehouse Products Graphics: Daily changing graphics for product issue in spoilts warehouse...
- Personal Performance Graphics: Service and LAB ve LAB technician's daily fixing products graphics...
- Personal Performance Graphics (CRM): CRM support engineer's daily working proceses graphics...

RMA Request Products Graphics


Non Trouble Found Product Quantities Graphics


Repaired Products Service Quantities Graphics


Delivered Products Quantities Graphics


Average Service Period Graphics
NOTE: This averages are not calculating according to weighted mean. Each product group evaluating in itself.


Personal Performance Graphics (Service and Labs)


Administration Part RMA Lab Asus Report Screen


Personal Performance Graphics (CRM Services)


F.10. Asus RMA Operations

From this screen, which are in RMA range to send out of country. Getting product records, box and package numbers appointing and processing, and packaging process actually doing in this time. In this way which product is RMA suitable, in which package ? box , box content etc. all of the information automatically in the hand.

Asus RMA Operations Screen


Asus RMA Operations New Registration Screen

Ürünler kayıt edildikten sonra toplu olarak maliyet bilgileri de eklenebilmektedir. Ayrıca program gümrük için gerekli olan faturayı da direkt olarak yazıcından çıktı almaktadır.

It is possible to add all of the cost information after the product registration. With this program, directly prints the invoice separately which necessary in duty.Following forms are automatically preparing in Excel format, according to entering data with this program.

- Asus RMA Request Form - Package Inventories - Asus RMA Invoice - Association of Manufacturers Form

F.11. Design of the Press Forms

RMA program prints the following forms:

- In Product accepting, service trace form and service trace sticker
- In Product outlet with cargo, waybill
- Invoice of outside RMA operations
- Report outputs

No formatting for report outputs. Reporting data send to the printer directly. Service trace form, waybill and RMA invoice's design to make with this screen.

Press Forms Design Screen

F.12. Sticker and Waybill Output with Excel

This program controls with in the CRM program frame, for making some of the gift, congratulation things etc sendings, arranging sticker design and waybill outputs to Excel.

F.13. Options and Definitions

Making parameter modifications to effect all of the users with this menus:

- General Configuration Values: Additional databases connection informations, current Logo Business Solution database informations, data index informations and e-mail parameters.
- Warranty Trace Companies: In Logo Business Solution structure, warranty tracing and term definitions.
- Person Definitions: In program, people who require authority, arrival informations and authority levels with instant listing state technician and other operators definitions.
- Failure Establishing Definitions: Listing on service registration screen and CRM registration part, failure and state front definitions.
- Support Explanation Definitions: Messages of CRM support, repeating as standart support message drafts.
- SQL Query Archive: This section shows that SQL queries saved when it's necessary to condition that is to be required

Options and Definitions: Failure Establising Definitions Screen

G. Options and Other Functions

This program don't take configuration value outside, base of client, server connection parameters and printer choice. After the server connection obtains all of the other settings read from general configuration table. Computer which use the program, special configurations are those:

- Logo Business Solutions user name and password. - Screens that requaring of authority, session opening user name and password. (Remembering function is optional) - On system which type of form sending which type of printer (Waybill, Invoice, Form, Sticker ... vb)

RMA.Net Connection Options Screen


RMA.Net Printer Choice Setting Screen

H. RMA.Net Version 2.0

RMA.Net program is continuously developing based on company needs and in software zone tecnical developments. While the program was developing, important point is program's works an efficient way in a large time. Because of this reason, all of the components "hard code" section that is manageable from databe are made statical.

Right now, program version with .NET Framework 2.0 library is compatible is coding. New version the DotNetFX 1.1 cross to 2.0 contains a lots of options. With the time, program structure indicates serious changes.

RMA.Net 2 Beta 0.2 Screen Capture

In these days, users adopted to tab order structure With the Firefox and next Internet Explorer possibilities. Also In structure of RMA.NET2.0 will provide tab order structure. With that structure(if it's not possible before) one screen will opened how much when needed to another one. As a consequence, operator, when he/she wants, can open the windows side by side, and then operator can easily crossed between of them.

New program will have an exception correction mechanism center. User will determine the decision when they duplicated an error(restarting, shutdown, continue, sending reports).

It's important that software visual section using for operators. For this reason, it will given a special importance to visual compatibleness. All of the icon and communication boxes are renovate.

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